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Good News!


As you may have seen in either the Athens News or Athens Messenger a lawsuit has now been filed in federal court on behalf of the residents of several Ohio counties, including Athens and Meigs, challenging the rejection by county boards of election of duly-signed citizen petitions from being placed on the ballots. If the case is successful it will put the Athens and Meigs county charter proposals on the ballot and roll back the attempt of the oil and gas industry to prevent citizens from passing laws to protect their own property and health. The Bill of Rights Committee (BORC) under the leadership of Saraquoia Bryant, Sally Jo Wiley, and Greg Howard have been leading this effort, with legal help from the Community Environmental Defense Fund. Our thanks go to them.

The lawsuit filed locally in state district court to get the Athens charter proposal on the ballot is still in process. It was bounced back to the Athens Common Pleas court by the District Court, because the Common Pleas Court had mishandled the case, making it unappealable at the district level. The Common Pleas Court has been asked to correct its action, so the case can, at least, be appealed. It seems like a lot of judicial foot-dragging.

What is the role of our current system of money creation by banks in contributing to the world’s current problems?

inequality of wealth and income distribution,

economic instability and insecurity

the unsustainable plundering of the earth’s resources

How much of this is driven by our current monetary system?

In 2017 a small group met as the Athens Monetary Literacy Group to educate ourselves about this question. After several meetings the group published the attached article in The Athens Messenger, entitled “Who creates money and where does it go?” (

A follow-up article appeared this year. (

The present monetary system is a human creation; it can be changed. There are alternatives that can serve us all better. Short of dealing with fundamental aspects of how our system works, well-intended efforts to regulate and reform may amount to “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.