Greg Howard – Candidate for Congress 6th District


Long time Meigs County, Ohio resident Greg Howard, today filed his petition to run for the United States Congress in Ohio’s 6th district.  Howard said he decided to run to press for an overhaul in our economy; an economy that presently fails to provide for full employment at a living wage.

The seat is currently held by Republican Bill Johnson, whom Howard criticizes as blocking economic reforms which would help average Americans.   Howard emphasized: “I will push for a substantial increase in the minimum wage and the retraining of unemployed workers.”  He said it is also critical, “to extend unemployment compensation for the long-term unemployed

Beyond the immediate, Greg Howard supports an amendment to the United States Constitution to abolish corporate constitutional rights.  He calls the Citizen United decision an “abomination.”  Howard describes corporations as valuable economic tools, but adds “they should not be allowed to dominate our political life.”

Howard is a member of the Meigs County Democratic Central Committee, comes from a family of union pipefitters and has a B.S. in civil engineering from Ohio State.  He has had extensive experience as a construction engineer on large projects, including power, petro chem. and hazardous materials remediation in several states.  He and his wife, Geraldine Howard, currently operate Gibson Ridge Farm, a certified organic farm.  They also manufacture and market the Gibson Ridge Portable Egg Washer.  They attend the Albany Baptist Church.

On others issues, Howard said he “opposes the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) because I believes that, like NAFTA, it will result in shipping American jobs overseas.”  He said he would work to eliminate the special exemptions to the Clean Air and Water Act for shale oil and gas extraction that were written into the Energy Act of 2005.

Howard intends to push for monetary reform.  He points out that the current federal reserve system of money creation, as credit, by private banks has pushed governments, businesses and the great majority of citizens deeply into debt.  “It is time to end the uncontrolled creation of money, most of which flows to Wall Street instead of Main Street,” said Howard.  “It is bizarre and tragic that the government, which is constitutionally charged with the duty to create money, instead borrows from banks to which it gave away the privilege of money creation, and then pays the banks interest on this money from taxpayer pockets.”

It is time to have money created as a public asset, rather than as public debt.  Monetary reform can pave the way to job-creating investment in the nation’s infrastructure, and could ultimately result in the balancing of the federal budget and the paying off of the national debt.  It would also rein in the ’too big to fail, too big to jail‘ Wall Street banks, whose business practices put us into the economic slump that are we are in currently.

Gregory Howard
41329 Gibson Road, Albany, Ohio 45710
(740) 698-3330

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