Next DOC meeting – Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m., at UCM (18 N. College St.)

Agenda – Planning for a series of public events to take place throughout the remainder of this calendar year and into the next.

The Steering Committee took suggestions which came out of the small group discussions at the last DOC meeting and distilled them into the following proposal to be considered and further developed by the whole group. We need your input on this.

The idea is to hold, starting in September, well publicized public meetings on each of the following topics. The people who volunteered to lead the planning for each of the public meetings are also indicated.

1. Energy – Greg Howard
2. Agriculture & food supply – Greg Howard
3. Healthcare – Gini Coover with Arlene Sheak
4. Banking & monetary policy – John Howell and Bob Whealey
5. Information & education – Gini Coover
6. Control of the political process – Bill Safranek
7. Citizens fight back – finishing the democratic process – Dick McGinn

We will generate a short series of questions to be addressed by each session to be used for publicity purposes and a somewhat longer list of questions to be used in each session.  A start has already been made and will be available at the meeting.

The tentative schedule for the sessions through October is as follows:

July 10, at the Athens Public Library – Showing of the film “Carbon Nation” in conjunction with state-wide showings by Environment Ohio
August – Showing of “Journey to Planet Earth: Plan B“ also in conjunction with Environment Ohio
September – Healthcare
October – Citizens Fight Back – Finishing the Democratic Process

There are of course many other organizations working on these issues. The role of DOC is to emphasize that problems in all of these areas are driven by the fact that public policy making has been taken over by private interests, driven largely by the corporate world, which is required by law to serve above all its return to its stockholders.

Although skirmishes can be won here and there, the problems can’t be substantively addressed without a constitutional amendment guaranteeing human rights for humans, and only for humans, not their creations or their possessions, such as corporate entities, and restoring the government’s authority to regulated campaign expenditures.

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