DOC meeting notes 5/8/13

Attending: Lois Whealey, Bob Whealey, Richard Hogan, Gini Coover, John Howell, Jeff Reisner, Randall Gabriel, Arlene Sheak, Rick Zielinski, Greg Howard, Joanne Dodd, Bill Safranek

1. John showed a short video on monetary policy. It can be seen at There are four short videos on the website. We watched the one called “Debt.”

In the brief discussion which followed, our attention was brought to an article in May 20 issue of The Nation by Gary Rivlin, entitled “How Wall Street Defanged Dodd-Frank.” Dodd-Frank was the legislation that was supposed to change the way banks operate so a financial crisis like that of 2007-8, which was precipitated by banking practices, could never happen again.

2. Dick McGinn reported on the Bill of Rights Committee’s activities directed toward getting an initiative on the November ballot to prohibit shale gas and oil extraction activities from Athens and its jurisdiction.
Dick and Rob Wiley spoke to the Athens County Commissioners, presenting the case for banning fracking. Dick has also gotten on the agenda of the Townships Association of Athens County, and on the agenda for The Mayors Partnership for Progress, a conference at the OU Voinovich Center. The League of Women Voters has agreed to sponsor a watershed summit to look at protection of water supplies in the face of possible fracking activities. CELDF (Community Environmental Defense Fund) is pursuing efforts to foster home rule for Townships in Ohio, so they could make laws protecting their water supplies.

3. DOC planning – 3 small groups considered topics for future meetings, coupled with possible resource people to invite and questions to be asked. These are to be collated by the Steering Committee to move toward a schedule of meetings. A summary of the group reports is attached as an Excel file and as a PDF file.

a. We need another planning meeting. We will use the June meeting in that way.
b. Suggestions as to meeting content should go to John; suggestions as to advertising should go to Greg Howard.
c. Meeting place. Can we use the University Buildings?

4. The CELDF Democracy School, May 17 & 18 in Yellow Springs. Dick McGinn and Jane Richter will be attending.

5. The next Steering Committee meeting will be held on Saturday, May 18 at 2 p.m. in small conference room in the Athens Public Library. (Steering Committee meetings are open to anyone interested.)

6. The next DOC meeting will be Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m. at UCM, 18 N. College Street

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